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I’ve been busy retouching pictures over the last couple of weeks. Feel free to check the following galleries:

I’ve participated in several international foto contests in recent months. Results I am proud of: several gold medals, honorable mentions, jury choices and many acceptances.

Most recent references:


You can find all certificates and pictures in the References section.

I have limited the number of images in several galleries to 8 to better reflect the quintessence of my work.

I’ve created a new gallery Sebesviz to share the pictures I did at artist foto camps organized in Hungary during 32 years. 

New gallery that focuses on acrobatic nudes.

I’ve just created a new gallery Steampunk to share the work I’ve done so far in this project. The way I came up with this idea is pretty simple actually. The online shopping company Amazon included a Steampunk hat in the list of purchases I might be interested in. I tried this black hat with a red rose and a pair of Steampunk glasses during an initial photo shooting. This helped me discover the many possibilities of combining Steampunk with artistic nude ideas. Steampunk is now work under progress so stay tuned for more pictures in this project.

I’ve just received more recognition in recent weeks, including:

I participated in the German Open Circuit contest for the first time in 2021 and was already very successful. All eight pictures I submitted got accepted as follows:

On September 1st 2021, Trierenberg is publishing a limited edition of the Luxury Edition XI. It includes three of my pictures: “Naked Doll”, “Seduction” and “Style and beauty”. According to the organizer, the Luxury edition book includes masterpieces from the world’s largest photo art contest Trierenberg Super Circuit.

The gallery Vintage has been replaced by a new gallery Monochromes. I have created this gallery after getting some recognition in a foto contest that accepts only monochrome pictures, be they in black and white or in sepia. When retouching some pictures in recent months, I found out that monochrome as applied to artistic Nudes is more than an interesting option and this is nwo influencing my style. I am try to update this new gallery as often as possible. 

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