Overview of my international references, including many foto contests, two exhibitions and prints


Mellow Circuit 2022

Recognition No. PSA 2022-211

November Circuit 2021 (US)

Recognition No. PSA-2021-1657

New Horizon Circuit 2022

Recognition No PSA 2022-381

Trierenberg Super Circuit (AT)

The world’s largest photo art contest

German Open Circuit (DE)

Recognition No. PSA 2021-1189

Salon International Photo (FR)

Riedisheim 2019 - 2022

Illuminati Circuit 2022

Recognition No PSA-2022-210

Torneka Circuit 2022

Recognition No PSA 2022-312

1st Artistry Focus International Circuit

Recognition No PSA 2022-384

New Camera Club (CH)

Photosuisse Contest

Monochrome Awards (US)

International BW Photography Contest

Hotshot Circuit 2022

Recognition No PSA 2022-251

Monte International Photo Circuit 2022

Recognition No PSA 2022-147

VIEW Fotocommunity (DE)

STERN magazine 2006-2019

PHOTO Spécial Amateurs (FR)

Le plus grand concours photo du monde


Sebesvíz (Hungary)

Jubilee exposition in July 2008

Miskolc (Hungary)

Own exhibition in 2012


Calvendo (DE)

Published author - Calendars

Aristoprint (DE)

Art Platform (German only)

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