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Salon International Photo


The Salon International Photo Riedisheim is a well-known international contest that is sponsored by FPF, FIAP and PSA. I’ve already participated five times since 2019. Results I am proud of include acceptances four years out of five and the 11th prize in the 2023 prize list of the category “La femme” with the picture “Improvisation sur canapé”.

  • 2020: my picture “chapeau” got accepted by the jury and I was one of the four photographers selected in Germany.
  • 2021: three pictures got accepted, including “No Escape”, “Upside Down” and “No Faces”. The picture “Upside Down” can also be accessed in the exhibition catalogue on page 96.
  • 2022: two pictures got accepted “Noemi in Madison” and “Seduction in her jute dress”.
  • 2023: two pictures got accepted “Géométrie” and “Improvisation sur canapé”.
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