Trierenberg Super Circuit


Trierenberg Super Circuit is the world’s largest photo art contest (according to the organizer).


First recognition in 2018 and 2019: I participated for the first time in 2018. Three out of four pictures I submitted got selected by the jury for exhibition and one got printed in the Luxury Edition. I participated again in 2019 and six pictures got selected by the jury, including two that were printed in the Luxury Edition.


More recognition in 2020: the picture “Erscheinung” (first one below) got selected and printed as a masterpiece in the Quintessence 2000-2020. According to Trierenberg, the limited editionis a quintessence of the concentrate of the photographic heritage of the 21st century up to now. Masterpieces from the world’s largest photo art contest TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT are represented in this monument of photographic art.”


More recognition in 2021: I participated again in 2021. This time, the jury accepted seven pictures, including “Style And Beauty”, “Stars In Her Eyes”, “Seduction”, “Naked Doll”, “Jungle Queen”, “Dancing Bride” and “Caught In My Dreams”.

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